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    Homepage of David Elbaz[*]

    Main scientific interest:

    • Formation and evolution of galaxies
    • Starbursts (LIRGs, ULIRGs)
    • Galaxy clusters
    • Link between galaxy activity and their local environment
    • Infrared cosmological surveys (ISO, Spitzer, Herschel)
    • Optical imagery & spectroscopy
    • Models of galaxy evolution, number counts and cosmic background

    Main papers:

    • Quasar induced galaxy formation: a new paradigm ?, 2009, Elbaz, D., Jahnke, K., Pantin, E., Le Borgne, D., Letawe, G., A&A 507, 1359
    • The reversal of the star-formation density relation in the distant Universe, 2007, Elbaz, D., E. Daddi, D. Le Borgne, M. Dickinson, D.M. Alexander, R-R Chary, J-L Starck, W.N. Brandt, M. Kitzbichler, E. MacDonald, M. Nonino, P. Popesso, D. Stern, E. Vanzella, A&A 468, 33
    • The star formation history of luminous infrared galaxies, 2006, Marcillac, D., Elbaz, D., Charlot, S., Liang, Y., Hammer, F., Flores, H., Cesarsky, C., A&A 458, 369.
    • Mid infrared properties of distant infrared luminous galaxies, 2006, Marcillac, D., Elbaz, D., Chary, R.R., Dickinson, M., Galliano, F., Morrison, G., A&A 451, 57
    • Understanding galaxy formation with ISO deep surveys, 2005, D. Elbaz, Ed. Cesarsky, C.J., Salama, A., The Infared Space Observatory (ISO) mission results (review, astroph/0503389)
    • A Fossil Record of Galaxy Encounters , 2003, Elbaz, D., Cesarsky, C. J., Science 300, 270-274
    • The Bulk of the Cosmic Infrared Background Resolved by ISOCAM , 2002, Elbaz, D., Cesarsky, C. J., Chanial, P., Aussel, H., Franceschini, A., Fadda, D., Chary, R. A&A 384, 848-865
    • Interpreting the Cosmic Infrared Background: Constraints on the Evolution of the Dust-enshrouded Star Formation Rate , 2001, Chary, R., Elbaz, D. ApJ 556, 562
    • Source counts from the 15 um ISOCAM Deep Surveys, 1999, Elbaz, D., Cesarsky, C. J., Fadda, D., Aussel, H., Desert, F. X., Franceschini, A., Flores, H., Harwit, M., Puget, J. L., Starck, J. L., Clements, D. L., Danese, L., Koo, D. C., Mandolesi, R. A&A 351, L37
    • Bimodal star formation in elliptical galaxies and the enrichment of the intra-cluster medium., 1995, Elbaz, D., Arnaud, M., Vangioni-Flam, E. A&A 303, 345
    • The gas distribution and binding mass in the A 2163 cluster., 1995, Elbaz, D., Arnaud, M., Boehringer, H. A&A 293, 337

    Service d'Astrophysique , CEA Saclay, Orme des Merisiers , F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex , FRANCE
    Tel: (33-1) 69-08-54-39 , Fax: (33-1) 69-08-65-77
    e-mail: delbaz@cea.fr ; URL: http://david.elbaz3.free.fr

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